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Ryan sat at his dinner table. He lived in a heavily forested area of Montana. It was very peaceful where he lived. Apart from the occasional gunfire from the military testing site just a few miles to the East.

The window he was starring out was facing the West. With the lights off he could see the tall pine trees outside. Moonlight giving his back yard an eerie glow.

He was just about to go to bed when he saw a brilliant flash of white light coming from deep in the forest. The flash was so bright that he had to cover his eyes. At first he thought nothing of it. "Blasted army morons." he said aloud and started for his bedroom.

Then he remembered that the window faced the West...

He grabbed his Winchester hunting knife and a flashlight and ran out the back door. Into the forest. Towards where he saw the light.

When he got a good half-mile or so, he smelled burning wood. What ever it was, it started a fire.

Ryan kept going. Once he saw the flames in a clearing, which was not there before, he knelt down behind one tree that was heavily blackened on the side facing the clearing.

Then he heard groaning. He pulled out his knife. When he saw a figure sit up in the firelight, Ryan jumped into action. He tackled the figure and pinned it with his legs holding the body. One hand holding the knife to its neck. The other to turn on his flashlight.

What he saw nearly made him squirm away. But he held the figure down.

Then it spoke. "Whoa, man! We're friendly!" Came the words in a female voice. Coming from a bright Or rather, pony.

Ryan lifted his flashlight and looked around the clearing. There were five others, all appearing to be recovering from the blast.

"One of you better tell me what the heck is going on." Ryan said.

A purple unicorn walked over. "Sorry sir. But we seemed to have been sent to another world..."

To her surprise, Ryan let loose a loud laugh. "You don't say! Here horses don't talk, and they sure as heck aint THAT color."

Then he heard the sound of approaching trucks. "Hide. All of you. Now."

Ryan walked through the clearing, which was about 20 feet in diameter, to the road where 2 trucks stopped and a uniformed man about 23 hopped out. "What happened here?" He asked.

"A propane tank exploded." Ryan lied.

The man looked at Ryan skeptically, but then got back in the truck. "Clean up the mess and have a good night."

"Thank you and good night." Ryan said. When he was sure they were gone, he walked back into the clearing. "Okay. You can come out now."

"Why did you lie to that man?" A yellow one asked.

"So they wouldn't drag you away and slice you and your friends up." Ryan said. "Now you all better come with me. Can't let you stay out here in the cold."

He led them back to his house. They slept in the living room. As Ryan laid in his bed, he thought; 'Just wait tell I tell Eric and Jasmine...'

"I like that one. Can I keep it?" Jasmine said the next morning. She was pointing to Applejack.

"Well, sugar cube. That all depends on us'all can get home or not..." The orange one named Applejack said.

Jasmine starred at her for a full minute. Then laughed. "Ha! I must have had a little bit too much last night. I could have swore it just talked."

"Why she did, darling. We all do." The white one named Rarity said.

Eric just sat on the couch with a blank face. "Are you sure these aint some weirdo things cooked up by those uniforms?" He asked.

"They are the ones who came to investigate. But I found them first." Ryan said.

"Sorry to rush you, but I need to see a map of your world so I can start figuring out how to get home." The purple unicorn, Twilight, said.

"Right away." Ryan said as he grabbed a map book from a shelf.

Twilight studied the maps for at least 5 hours before she walked outside to tell the others.

As they gathered around her at the table she pointed to one spot. "The only place in this world I can gather enough energy to create another vortex to take us home is here. The Bermuda Triangle."

"Alright. Now I know I had too much." Jasmine said.

"Are you sure, Twilight?" Ryan asked.

"Yes." She said.

"I'll go get my horse trailer." Eric said. "Looks like we're going on a road trip."

Half an hour later, Eric returned with his truck and horse trailer. He walked into the living room, "When do we leave?"

"In the morning. Go pull your truck out back." Ryan said.

When he came back in Jasmine looked out the front window. There was a police car, and he was walking to the front door. "Ryan?" She called.

He walked over and looked out himself. "Crap. Get them to the trailer. We leave now."

"Alright little ponies, out the door. Let's go!" Jasmine said as everyone but Ryan went out the back door.

The police officer knocked on the door. Ryan opened it. "Good afternoon, may I help you?" He asked.

"Yes. The base sent me over to check out your house on suspicion of holding evidence." The officer said.

Out back, Eric was trying to get Rarity into the horse trailer. "It's absolutely FILTHY in there!" She said.

"ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP! Wait... What's a road trip?" Pinkie asked from inside the trailer.

Eric looked into Rarity's eyes. "Do you want the government to strap you down, slice you open, pull out your insides, then slice those open all while you are alive and awake? Then get in the trailer."

Rarity huffed and she walked in. "Eeeww! I stepped in something!"

Eric slammed the door shut.

Inside, Ryan had let the officer in to look around. Eric had said hello as he walked up to Ryan. "Let's go." He whispered in his ear.

"Excuse me officer. I'm needed out back." Ryan said as he followed Eric.

The officer heard the start of the truck engine and ran to the front door. He was just in time to see the horse trailer whip around the corner and disappear.

As Eric speed down the country road, Ryan looked at a map. Jasmine was in the middle seat. She looked at Eric's double barrel pump action shotgun on the dash. "How long is it gonna take us to get there?" She asked.

"Maybe a week? We need to catch a ferry in Florida..." Ryan started.

Eric looked in his side mirror, the same police car was following them. And catching up. "Uh Ryan? That cop is following us."

Jasmine crawled over Ryan and looked out his window. Sure enough, there was the police car gaining fast.

She crawled back in and opened the back window and crawled out. She leaned in and grabbed the shotgun.

She stood up in the back of the truck and leaned against the trailer. She aimed and fired. The ponies in the trailer screamed and the bullet spray hit the right headlight.

Jasmine slapped the top of the trailer. "Pipe down in there! You're throwing off my aim!" She aimed again and fired.

A satisfying spider web of cracks sprayed on the windshield of the police car and it swerved off the road and hit a tree.

Jasmine smiled and crawled back in the truck. "Who's following us now?"


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